Re-Elect Sheriff Brian BeGole 


Sheriff Brian BeGole has been serving Shiawassee County for nearly 30 years, continuing a family tradition of public service and trust. His years in the community as a Road Patrol Sergeant and nearly 4 years as your Sheriff have given him the opportunity to see how services the sheriff's office provides can better serve our families, our neighbors, and our businesses. Like you, he believes that the sheriff’s office belongs to the people of Shiawassee County. 

As your Sheriff, Brian helped develop the first county wide active shooter training to keep your children safe at school. He brought back the Inside View program and hunter safety classes for our youth. He expanded Animal Control to villages and Cities. Brian started the jail garden program that produced 60,000 pounds of fresh vegetables for inmates and 27 food banks. Brian was able to restore the night time road patrol to one shift and continues his efforts to return evening road patrol to full time. Brian was also able to hire a new K9 Deputy and K9 "Nero" with over 10 years experience. Brian has expanded the work detail crews to townships, cities, villages, churches and different community needs. The Sheriff's Office has its first ever Chaplin and together they have put together security classes for area Churches. 


“ I strive everyday to treat people with kindness and a feeling of worth. As an elected law enforcement official I believe I have a unique relationship with the people and I understand that being accessible when people need me the most is important."

                                                                       -Brian BeGole